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Win free BMI™ IQ assessments!

We have surpassed an important milestone: over 3 million users have completed our Certified IQ Test!

We are celebrating this by giving the opportunity to 3 of our Facebook page fans and their families to consistently assess their IQ twice a year for the next 3 years.

Each one of the winners will be able to provide us up to 4 extra names so he/she and their loved ones can complete the BMI™ Certified IQ Test for free, twice a year. This is up to 30 free tests for each winner!

The only requirement to enter the contest is to have liked our facebook page and remain a fan until January 1st, 2019 when 3 winners will be randomly picked from our Facebook fan base to receive their prizes.

*Great news for all our fans who were not lucky enough to win the free assessments this year! The contest is again on for the new year. Another 3 of our Facebook followers will have the chance to win free IQ assessments for their friends and families*

Good luck to all!

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10 Reasons to take an IQ Test

IQ tests aim to measure intelligence, focusing on various related skills and attributes, such as verbal skills, mathematical understanding, visual skills, short-term memory, pattern recognition, analytical thinking, and spatial orientation. Taking an IQ Test offers several opportunities and benefits to people of all ages. Here are 10 reasons you should test your IQ regularly: