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IQ Quiz: How to score high!


Incorporate the following habits into your daily life and you will see a marked improvement in your cognitive ability in general and your IQ Quiz scores in particular.

1. Practice

Teachers and trainers always harp on about the importance of quality practice. As tired as the notion may seem, these professionals repeat their mantra because it contains truth. Testing yourself on a regular basis will help your mind assimilate the idea as part of your world, as opposed to a unique event that causes stress. Even if you only have time for short, mini-tests each evening or at lunch, you should start taking IQ tests as soon as possible to get more practice in before the actual test date.

2. Learn more about the Test Objectives

Most people wouldn’t begin a work project without understanding its overall goals and purpose. Unfortunately, many test takers try their hands at an IQ quiz without taking the time to research the underlying ideas and rules behind it. You should have a thorough familiarity of all the ins and outs of test day. This includes break times, how answers are marked and calculated, the appropriate timing for each question, and whether you can skip questions and come back to them later. All of these little details will inform your strategy for approaching an IQ test.

3. Connect Ideas and Thought Processes in Your Mind

On a slightly more long-term level, you should read, play games and challenge your mind every day. This equates to a fundamental way of looking at the world. Neuroscientists know that the different areas of your brain have distinct roles, but they all connect to each other and share the brain’s burden. By engaging in activities that train your brain to connect seemingly disparate ideas, you will already have the correct outlook to solve tricky problems on an IQ quiz.

4. Crank Up Your Working Memory

Your IQ quiz results will depend, to an extent, on your ability to juggle several different elements at once and see how they relate. If you forget just a single variable, the solution to a problem may become unclear. You can practice handling large numbers of words, shapes and numbers by practicing online or with workbooks with techniques like chunking. The strategies and techniques these resources provide will make this type of task less intimidating.

5. Get in Airport Mode

Anyone who has traveled on long-haul flights knows how important it is to show up relaxed, rested and comfortable. If you have spent the night worrying, ignoring your nutrition and show up in uncomfortable clothing, your results will suffer. Treat your body like an airplane passenger would right before an 18-hour flight. Rest and put yourself into a calm mental state. Eat a good meal beforehand and even a little coffee if you need a boost.

6. Bring Everything Together

These habits may seem like a tall order, but really, each one only requires a small investment of time and effort. Together, though, they will improve how you perform on an IQ quiz. The even more rewarding part will come from the benefits you will reap from these habits in your daily life, which is already a great reason to take an IQ quiz.