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Trustpilot Reviews

Poss Cairns

I received a very comprehensive report that was both easy to understand and concise. I was hesitant at first to pay for a report for what is essentially an on-line quis, but do not regret my decision.

Diane Bolton

I was skeptical about it, but after purchasing it and see how everything was broken down, i liked it. I wish they had tell you before that it will cost you to get the results

Ben Solo

A+! I purchased the results because honestly I wanted to see if I am as smart as I think that I am. The test was easy to take and I really how the resulted were presented. Money well spent.

Leanne Moore

I was very surprised at my results, give I guessed some questions. The report however is excellent as it identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Shows where your areas for improvement are!!

Great Test

Jennifer Funnell

Great test, though sadly I deliberately skipped a question in the intent of going back to it after answering the following questions. I found that I couldn’t with about 10 minutes remaining. This has definitely reflected on the outcome as I most certainly would of used the remaining time to answer my passed questions. Is there anyway that I can retake even another form again without having to repay, as in the old days I could of gone back to said question?