Ethan Reynolds | BMI Certified IQ Test

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Ethan Reynolds

Joe Rogan shared his BMI IQ test score on his Instagram and when I saw it, decided to try it myself and see how I stack up. I took the test in less than 10 minutes and got my results straight after payment!

Olivia Mitchell

I was initially skeptical about the cost, hoping for free results, but after making the payment and reviewing the breakdown, I found it to be well worth the money spent! I love that I now know what I need to work on and this is a motive for me to try it again! While the certificate with my name was a nice touch, it was truly the assessment report and the detailed breakdown of my performance that made the price worthwhile.

Samantha Anderson

Initially I was disappointed that the results were not free, but when I received the email with my Certificate and Report I understood why. The overall assessment feels very professional. Plus the materials received were worth every penny. The customer support was also super friendly and helpful, answered all the questions I had about my assessment results.

Trey Bramwell

I was a little skeptical of the price at first, but after paying and seeing the breakdown of the results, it was well worth the money! I love that I can study what I need to work on and this motivates me to try it again! The results sheet was well worth the price of admission.

Jake Robertson

I saw Joe Rogan’s test score on his Instagram and decided to see how I stack up. The test was easy to navigate and I received the results instantly.

Fun and easy to do.