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10 Reasons to take an IQ Test

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IQ tests aim to measure intelligence, focusing on various related skills and attributes, such as verbal skills, mathematical understanding, visual skills, short-term memory, pattern recognition, analytical thinking, and spatial orientation. Taking an IQ Test offers several opportunities and benefits to people of all ages. Here are 10 reasons you should test your IQ regularly:

1. An IQ Test Score is your Brain’s Benchmark

An IQ Test compares how you think to a rubric based on general human capacities.  An IQ score does not limit you, but it can give you an idea of how you solve problems compared to other people. This can give you an idea of your base level of critical thinking skills.

2. Discover your cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses

Most tests provide breakdowns of what areas a test taker excelled in and which sections caused the most problems. You might find high scores on one set of skills and lower scores on another question type, for example. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you focus your improvement efforts on the areas that matter the most. For example, the BMI Certified IQ Test, provides a Performance Report which breaks down your overall IQ score to five distinct sub-categories of cognitive functions: Visual Perception, Abstract Reasoning, Pattern Recogntion, Spatial Orientation and Analytical Thinking.

3. Make wise Career and Education Choices

One of the original uses of tests like this was to determine academic aptitude in children. This still applies today. Teachers and parents often use the results to decide how to approach a child’s education. Research has shown that test results can help identify professions in which a person would thrive or struggle. If for nothing else, test your IQ to optimize your performance at school or at work.

4.How well thought-out is your thinking process?

Most of us do not spend much time thinking about our thought processes. We go through life making decisions and completing tasks on autopilot. Actually by taking an IQ test you can identify patterns and trends in your thinking and problem solving process. This will allow you to make important changes and adapt your thought process to the different needs of each problem.

5. Monitor your Brain: track Changes over Time

As we age, our brains change. In many ways, our brains process information more slowly and less efficiently. Taking these tests can help you evaluate whether you are experiencing irregular changes over time. If you test your IQ regularly, you have more of a chance of catching neurological or developmental problems early and immediately do something about them.

6. Different Tests Measure Different Abilities

Tests measure different a variety of aspects of human ability. These different kinds of tests can create a more complete picture of how you operate in different areas. As opposed to the traditional IQ test, some tests look at areas like: Spatial reasoning, Musical talent or Emotional intelligence.

7. Discover New Ways of Thinking

Sometimes, people overlook ways of thinking that they have no experience with. For example, a person with no exposure to certain logic problems such as pattern recognition, may have no idea how to proceed in solving a problem that needs this specific skill. However, people can learn new skills and apply them to several areas in their lives.

8. Measure your Child’s Development

Scientists have known for a while that children develop in stages. These developmental windows are common to most people. Taking and IQ Test and discovering a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses can alert teachers, parents and counselors to any developmental irregularities and plan their educational paths accordingly.

9. Identify Learning Disabilities

In some cases, students have actual learning disabilities that stop them from achieving their maximum potential. Anyone close to someone with a learning disability knows the frustration it can cause. Once identified, though, many of these conditions can be solved. If you take an IQ test, you can confirm or rule out this kind of issue.

10. It’s Fun!

As odd as it might sound, most people actually find these tests fun. Once you stop looking at the IQ tests as high-pressure events meant to judge you, you will find yourself deeply intrigued by the challenge of solving interesting, novel problems. Knowing how to approach different question types also relieves a lot of the stress most people associate with taking an IQ test.

So, what are you waiting for? Take an IQ Test now and discover your personal IQ Score.